Amongst many other things, the governors set the strategy and long term vision of the school, monitor its performance and standards.

Governors come from all sorts of backgrounds and the board is made up of those with many years of experence as well as newer parents of the school. If you wish to get in touch with the school, you can find more details on the Contact Us page. In the first instance, we encourage you to speak to your child’s class teacher about any issues you might have, but in some cases, you may feel the need to contact the Head Teacher or  Governing Body.

We are very open to hearing your thoughts, feedback, concerns or issues and we are very happy for you to contact the Chair and/or Vice Chair (also a parent at the school) via the email addresses below.

Andrew Deeks
Foundation Governor, Chair of Foundation Governors

I’m a Foundation Governor which, for St Nicholas school, means that I am appointed by the Diocese. I’ve been a governor for over 30 years.

Vincent Foy       
Co-Opted, Chair of Resources Committee       

I have been a governor for over 23 years from when my children commenced school and then moved to the old St Faiths School. My working experience has been in Procurement primarily in the Utilities industry.

Tricia Bowler
Foundation and SEND Governor

I joined the Foundation Governors at St Nicholas last September. I did not know a great deal about becoming a governor and I am still learning but I enjoy being part of the team. I am now part of the Standards Committee and also the SEND governor.

Alison Howson Co-Opted Governor, Vice Chair, Chair Standards Committee

I have a daughter in Y6 and a son at St Benedict’s. I’m a freelance publisher, working with academics on books for a variety of companies. I have been a parent governor since 2013 and sit on the Standards Committee.

Caroline Harris
Chair of Governors, Safeguarding & Attendance

David Campbell-Kelly
Parent Governor

Mark Johnston
Parent Governor

Mary Titterington                                                                                                                                                                        
Foundation Governor

Pam Phillips

Co-Opted Governor, Health & Safety

Adam Walsh

Executive Headteacher                                                                                               

Karen O’Shea

Head of School

Sue Godson       
Teacher Governor

Alex Kolb            
Teacher Governor

Tina Ward    
Clerk to the Governors

There are currently no business or pecuniary interests declared by members of the Governing Body.

Members of the Trust; Vincent Foy, Caroline Harris,


 For the Year Ended 31/08/17 Meetings Out of
attended possible
Peter Alexander (Resigned 15th May 2017) 1 5
Trish Bowler 6 7
David Campbell-Kelly 4 7
Richard Chapman (Responsible Officer from 31st August 2017) 3 7
Andrew Deeks 5 7
Vincent Foy (Chair Of Finance) 7 7
Sue Godson 3 7
Caroline Harris 5 7
Sue Heap (Chair Of Governors from 31st August 2017) 7 7
(Responsible Officer to 31st August 2017)
Alison Howson 6 7
Richard Hunter 5 7
Mark Johnston 6 7
Susan Juned 5 7
Alex Kolb (Assistant Head Teacher) 4 7
Julie Lindsay 2 7
Karen O’Shea (Head Of School) 7 7
Virginia Von Malachowski 4 7
Adam Walsh (Executive Head Teacher) 7 7
Laurie Yearley (Chair Of Governors) (Retired 31st August 2017) 7 7
Other attendees
Louise Green (Finance Manager) (Appointed 24th May 2017) 1 1
Tina Ward (Clerk To The Governors) 7 7




Peter Alexander   1.10.14              83%                                                    100%

Trish Bowler    1.04.16                  83%                                                     100%

David Campbell-Kelly  1.10.14   100%                                                    100%

Richard Chapman  1.10.14           50%                                                     100%

Andrew Deeks    1.09.15               83%                                                      100%

Adam Denby                                  25% resigned 30.03.16

Vincent Foy    12.12.16                 100%                                                    100%

Sue Godson     14.12.15                100%                                                      n/a

Caroline Harris   1.10.14              83%                                                        n/a

Sue Heap  12.12.16                        83%                                                    100%

Alison Howson   1.10.13               83%                                                     100%

Richard Hunter  8.07.16             100%                                                      n/a

Mark Johnston   31.3.16              100%                                                      n/a

Susan Juned    1.09.15                 83%                                                       n/a

Alex Kolb   14.12.15                      100%                                                      n/a

Julie Lindsay 13.12.14                  17%                                                        67%

Gary Manning                            25% resigned 30.04.16

Karen O’Shea   1.09.15                80%                                                     100%

Mark Walsh                                 100% resigned 30.11.15

Adam Walsh    1.09.15               100%                                                      88%

Virginia Von Malachowski 12.12.16       83%                                         100%

Laurie Yearley  1.09.15              100%                                                     100%

Clerk to the Governors

Tina Ward 1.04.16                      100%                                                       n/a

Jane Griffiths                               100% resigned 31.3.16                            n/a