Out of Hours Learning


What is Out of Hours Learning?

The DfEE defines it as:

‘Learning activity outside normal lessons which young people take part in voluntarily. Study is … an inclusive term, embracing many activities, with many names and guises. Its purpose is to improve young people’s motivation, build their self-esteem and help them become more effective learners. Above all it aims to raise achievement.’

Our aims and objectives:

  • To enable children to extend their out of hours learning beyond the range of the normal curriculum
  • To ensure that children take pride in their school and view it as a part of their community
  • To enable children to have further experiences with topics and activities that they enjoy or are good at
  • To help all children to enjoy a positive experience of school life
  • To raise the general level of achievement and build on the work undertaken in school time
  • To enable families and the wider community to have a place in our school

Benefits to our pupils:

Out-of-hours activities can provide our pupils with opportunities to:

  • Increase their participation in physical activity and improve fitness levels
  • Extend and further their knowledge, understanding and skills developed within curriculum time
  • Experience activities not included within the curriculum that may highlight strengths and build confidence and self-esteem
  • Begin to specialise in specific activities
  • Make independent choices and decisions about their participation
  • Take part in activities for a variety of different reasons (e.g. for recreation, fun, competition, social)
  • Socialise with pupils from different classes/year groups and make new friends