SIAMS Report

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report (SIAMS)

St Nicholas’s Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
 St Faith’s Road, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6AG
Current SIAMS inspection grade Outstanding
Diocese                                                         Coventry
Previous SIAMS inspection grade Good
Local authority Warwickshire
Date of inspection 3 April 2017
Date of last inspection April 2012
Type of school and unique reference number Voluntary School Primary 139518
Executive Headteacher / Head of School Adam Walsh / Karen O’Shea
Inspector’s name and number Reverend Alison M. Morris 759
School context

St. Nicholas Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School is a larger than average primary school. There are 407 pupils on roll aged from 4-11 years. It serves a small but growing town of Alcester. Most pupils are from White British backgrounds.  The number of pupils who receive SEND is currently below the national average. The school has a strong reputation in the local community and has close links with the incumbent and St. Nicholas Church. In September 2015 an executive headteacher was appointed following a restructure of two church primary schools.

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St Nicholas as a Church of England school are outstanding  

 ·         A Christian leadership and vision which is confidently lived out and promoted by all leaders is instrumental in the creation of a distinctively Christian school that is inclusive, welcoming and harmonious.

·         Exemplary pastoral care, the nurture group and effective intervention strategies based on Christian values enable pupils to blossom and flourish with a safe and nurturing Christian community.

·         Christian values, such as forgiveness and compassion are embedded in the excellent spiritual, moral, social and personal development of pupils.

Areas to improve

·         Through the development of the ‘worship warriors’, engage pupils in the process of planning, leading, and monitoring and evaluation of worship throughout the school.

·         Implement the new religious education (RE) scheme of work alongside the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource to make RE more accessible to all pupils and to enhance their spiritual development.

·         Foster more partnerships and strategies which will allow pupils to encounter different faith and cultures to deepen pupils understanding of a multi-faith and multi-cultural world.

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