Superstar Writers

In order to motivate the children to persevere with their writing we have introduced special pencils and pens that the children can be awarded throughout the school year.

Children in Reception and Infants are able to achieve a Superstar writer pencil. Children in Years 3 and 4 are able to be award a blue handwriting pen called a Tri-writer. These pens are shaped like a pencil so they are easier to grip and the ink dries very quickly so it doesn’t smudge. Children in the upper end of the school are able to achieve a gold coloured cartridge ink pen.

All of these awards will be presented to children who are forming letters appropriate for their age group and presenting their work appropriately. Children who persevere with their writing and try hard to improve their handwriting and presentation will also be awarded these pencils or pens.

We will try our best to put names on these but should they be lost we will have to charge for replacements:

Superstar Pencils—50p


Cartridge Pen—£4.50

These represent cost prices and we are not making any profit from this.