Year Five

Year 5 have just finished the chapter ‘Jaguar Nights’ in their current class book ‘The Chocolate Tree’. They have researched about jaguars and created a jaguar fact file and they have written some fantastic alliteration poems about jaguars.
5J have been enjoying their PE lessons, where they have been creating their own Mayan inspired dances. They have used inspiration from traditional Mayan dances, which included imitating a variety of animals. They have also composed a dance, which involved the building of a temple.

This week, 5F have been collaborating in their Thrive lesson. They have been working together as a team to complete a range of activities! The aim of the lesson was to show respect and encouragement towards each other. All of the children worked hard to achieve the aim.

On Monday 16th September, Year 5 were lucky enough to spend a morning with England Netball Squad player, Jade Clarke. We had the opportunity to improve our passing and shooting skills, as well as playing in a netball match. Jade kindly brought in her medals, which she shared with the children. Thank you, Jade for giving up your time.